What is our mission?

Our mission is in our name, "No Bullsh*t Camping Equipment". We aim to provide quality Australian Made products (where possible) and a reliable and honest service to assist our customers in building their dream camping set ups.

Who are we?

'NB Camping Equipment' ('NBCE' or 'No Bullshit Camping Equipment) was established in 2024 by me, Jeshua Miller who was born and bred in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

I was camping before I was walking, having parents that took us away to our favourite holiday spot on the Yorke Peninsula, I became quickly accustomed to sleeping in a tent (albeit with ever growing luxuries the older we got). While camping took a small hiatus' through my earlier teenage years, it was strongly reignited by my, now wife, Emma who also grew up camping to an even more hardcore extent than I did having bounced around the country her parents when she was just a couple years old before her parents bought a camper trailer before she was a teenager. The same camper trailer we are still using over 20 years later!

Like most couples we progressed from swags, to tents, to a camper trailer and are now just around the corner from jumping into a caravan. I've always been a fiddler taking every opportunity I could to build, modify or upgrade our camping set ups along the way. Having installed my own 12v systems, drawers and vehicle upgrades, I progressed to helping friends do the same. It wasn't going to be long before I turned my hobby and passion into a business...

So how did NBCE start?

While NBCE is very new, our "No Bullshit" philosophy going hand in hand with business is not. In 2018, my brother and I started NBSC (No Bullshit Speaker Cables) where we assemble and sell custom audio cables using Australian Made wire. A little over 2 years later, we left our full time jobs and started NBSD (No Bullshit Structural Detailing) which provides structural steel and precast detailing/drafting services and takes up most of our time day to day.

The idea of making custom Anderson Cables isn't a new one for us, it's something I intended on working towards in early 2023 but it wasn't until I built my own set of drawers in late 2023 for our Discovery 4 that got the creative juices flowing again and snowballed into starting NBCE.

What is our philosophy?

Our philosophy goes hand in hand with our mission statement which is the same across all our "No Bullshit" businesses. Quality, service, supporting Australian industry as much as possible and doing it without all the bullshit. Yeah, that sounds a little cliché and you won't find a business today that doesn't claim something similar but ever since we took the plunge to start our own businesses, it's been our core value and we're confident that those who have worked with us in the past would agree.

What is our vision?

Now, more than ever businesses are so... "detached". It's all marketing, paid reviews and prioritising money over quality or service. Why can't we just go back to offering quality products, standing by them and focusing on customer service while having fun and maybe making a few bucks somewhere along the way so we can continue funding our hobbies and passions and sharing that with our family and friends?

That's our vision for NBCE, bringing the same level of quality and service we do in our other businesses, to the camping world and supporting Australian manufacturing along the way.

Focusing on Australian Made

If you've made it this far, you would have noticed this is a recurring theme for us. It's no secret Australian manufacturing isn't what it used to be but there's no reason it can't be what it was, again. We are a certified "Australian Made" licensee through NBSC and intend on going through the same process for NBCE. 

When it comes to wire, we're extremely fortunate in Australia to have companies such as Tycab and Bambach making exceptional cable right here in Australia. We're also fortunate enough to have established relationships with these businesses and their wholesalers to further support their contribution to Australian manufacturing by delving into the world of 12v cabling, not just audio cabling.

Sadly, not everything we offer can be sourced from Australia. There's necessary parts that simply aren't made here but with the continued support of Australian Made products by us and our customers, we hope to make at least a small contribution in expanding what we do manufacture here in Australia.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us, how NBCE started and where we want to take it!