Collection: 12V ACCESSORIES

DIYing your 12v camping is not as hard as you think and is only made easier with our range of accessories.

We've just released a range of mounting plates, sockets, inline fuses and wiring kits which can be combined and arranged in hundreds of different combinations to suit your exact requirements. Want a three hole mounting plate with a voltage metre and two USB sockets but also want a seperate mounting plate with a rocker switch and cig output? We can do that. Anderson mounting plates are also just around the corner.

While we do import the majority of our 12v accessories, we replace interconnecting wiring with Australian Made wire and utilise a genuine Anderson Plug for any Anderson inputs. 

Our circuit breaking range is sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Multicomp and Littelfuse.

We're a big supporter of Australian Made and are working on some custom 12v solutions. Head over to our Facebook page to keep up to date with our latest news and announcements.