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Interconnecting Wiring Kits

Interconnecting Wiring Kits

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Our Australian Made interconnecting wiring kits are designed to be used with our Mounting Plates and Sockets

We offer a range of different options to interconnect up to 4x sockets, fused or unfused. Fused kits are sold with a single fuse on the end of the interconnecting run, if you would like to individually fuse each of your sockets, you will need to select a single fused wiring kit for each socket.

Made using Australian Made 16 AWG wire, LittelFuse in line fuse holders and Multicomp cartridge fuses and 6.35mm female quick disconnects all round. 6.35mm quick disconnects suit all our sockets with the exception of the rocker switch which has a 4.75mm tab. If you would like one of the quick disconnects to suit the rocker switch, flick us an email and we'll discuss your layout so we can match the interconnecting kit.

Ends are left with approximately 120mm of wire and unstripped. They can then be joined using our Butt Splices and to extend and connect to batteries or bus bars using our Ring Terminals. We can of course offer fully custom wiring kits based on your needs. flick us an email to discuss your requirements. 

Sold as a pair which includes a separate positive and negative wiring kit as shown.

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